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How Are We Influenced

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How Are We Influenced
[kc_heading_pac_4_headline_main size=”108″ color=”#C00″ ]How Are We Influenced[/kc_heading_pac_4_headline_main]

It is a big headline for a big question and it is one that gets asked frequently – “How Are We Influenced?”

In short their is no magic bullet.  We need to understand the person, group or organisation we are trying to influence before we jump into the tools.

[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub size=”50″ color=”#000″ ]There is no one size fits all![/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub]
How are we Influenced

The team at crowdtap released this infographic in 2012 and it has some great facts so I thought I would share it.


While the history of influence is a little incomplete for my personal tastes (perhaps a future infographic) it is food for thought all the same.

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